March 25, 2013

Things I Learned from Korea

1. There's always some absurd use of english for cafe/ restaurant names. I saw a coffee shop named "Standing Coffee" and a restaurant named "Slow Garden". What was that supposed to mean?

2. Korean people (both men and women) are so stylish, their skin are flawless and skinny, like no joke! This explains why there's tons of skin care shops in Korea.

3. Based on what i see, when it's working time, there's almost no one outside the building. Nothing like Jakarta where random people are hanging out around the streets.

4. I don't know what happened between Koreans and Chinese in the past, but every time i ask for bargain, they always said "This is made in Korea, NOT China!" and they can't give any discount.

5. Korea should be nominated as the capital of Romance City! people are like literally dating and being lovey- dovey with their bf/ gf everywhere.  For those who are single, close your eyes, you'll probably getting a heartache. 

6. I don't know much why Koreans are not ashamed to fight in public. I've seen couples are getting into a fight, like literally.. i was like shocked when i saw it. But apparently people around me wasn't. I also seen ahjummas are fighting (not physically) but they screams at each other. When i asked my friend about it, she said it's a common thing. They even sometimes kissing in public.


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