March 1, 2013

Fly to Seoul D3

Day 3 is here! whoop whoop!

No, we don't have tight schedule today so we start off at 11. What did i do before 11? well.. i might have a little early shopping at Zara. There's no way you are not visit the store since it's 2 buildings away from my hotel and ended up getting this. The only thing that made me a bit annoyed is the size chart in korea. WHY DO KOREANS ARE SMALL?? i'm a medium size or even small in Indonesia, but in korea i always fit to large? so unfair!
OH! i also forgot, during my visit, korea was having KOREA GREAT SALE! at literally every store.

I was visiting Dasan Company, the 2nd largest IT supplier company in Korea. I love the office area, everything looks clean, and new.

After done with the meeting, we're going back to the city. Yes, this office area wasn't at Gangnam. I was hoping we can see the Chonggyechon stream but apparently we're not. The traffic also quite bad since it's around 5 pm.

After wandering around for quite sometime, we ended up at Namsangol Hanok Village, located in Namsan. We arrived at around 6 pm and it's FREEZIING! even the stream was frozen. We can't see anything clear but overall it was traditional korean house in 1 area. Most of the houses were scattered aroud korea back then, but then it was moved into this village so it can be preserved for tourism. 

Since it's getting cold, (thank god cars have heater!) we decided to go back to Myeong-Dong to have dinner. And today we had Jjigae! i've been longing to try this dish because it looks really delicious, and indeed, they're so good especially during winter. I tried seafood jjigae. 

After we're done eating, we had free time! and of course, me and my mom decided to go shopping around Myeong-Dong! woohoo! the shopping area was really big like literally. first stop, Noon shopping mall. Went to H&M, craving for so much stuff but ended up buying nothing since I can't decide what i wanted to buy. I was thrilled when i found FUBU! and of course there's T.O.P picture in a cardboard, but i was too embarrassed to take pictures there. The absurd thing was my mom and i said we should buy some skin care product but apparently the only thing we bought was a nail clipper from ARITAUM! i didn't know what was on our mind that day and i totally regret it.
And the most stupid thing me and my mom totally regret was the fact that we didn't visit the LOTTE Department Store which located right across our hotel, which we always see everyday!

So that's the recap of Day 3! see you on D4! annyeong!


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