July 30, 2011


as much as i love that people remember my birthday, it irritates me to know i'm getting older and being 20 annoyed me, somehow. maybe i put too much pressure to myself. but being 20 for me means i should start to looking for a job (though i'm still in college). i want to get more experience before i graduate.

what do you think about being 20? and what would you do/what you have done when you're 20?

July 22, 2011

dragon on top

i love when a guy dressed up so properly, in a suit. i think its hot, somehow. i always love how chuck bass in gossip girl dressed up. so chic yet, fashionable. then i saw GDragon, one of BIGBANG members. he has a similar style to chuck bass. mostly he wear suit in his photos and MV. he's a hottie!

my favorite GD suit and hairstyle.

i can't describe how i adore him. he's not only fashionable, he's also a music genius! i mean, i love all of his song when he collaborate with TOP. (TOP has very sexy voice, of course i adore him too) man.. he's dreamy..

this MV is... (speechless)

sorry if i'm exaggerating, but i do adore him.big love for GD oppa :)

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July 19, 2011


..romantic scenes always makes me feel butterflies in my stomach..

thanks to tons of korean drama dvds i bought few days ago, playful kiss is my current favorite drama. although it has cheesy story, it successfully makes me feel happy.

~going to buy more K-dramas~

pict source: weheartit
July 4, 2011


i think somehow, this is hillarious..


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