December 30, 2012


Who doesn't love weekend?
I spent my weekend attending my best friend's wedding, going karaoke afterwards and dinner with family. It is great to be surrounded by our best friends, family and loved ones :) 
Still can't believe we're getting old, friends are getting married, and it's going to be 2013 soon! 

December 18, 2012


Woohoo finally back to this blog. It's been ages since my last post. There are so many ups and downs within these couple months for me. But as for the updates, i was having and internship and at the same time I'm preparing my thesis proposal. I never expected this would be really exhausting and time-consuming. In my experience, the first week on working and going to campus back and forth was not only blow up my transportation budget but also exhausting.
I'm working 8-5 then going to campus for class, going home and finishing my thesis proposal. When I get home on those first week doing that, I can't help myself to go straight to my bed. It was awful. I wonder how those people who work while also studying managed to survive?
But it's not like I didn't enjoyed them. I feel blessed to be given an opportunity to had an internship at one of multinational company in Jakarta. Not to mention, I can meet many CEO of multinational companies and political figures. I am really lucky and blessed.

Another blessing of this year is.... I saw BIGBANG ALIVE CONCERT in JAKARTA. Aaaaa finally i can see their live performance. And they are AMAZING!!!! GAAAAHHHH!!! Gotta watch their concert next year. TOP is definitely dreamy, his voice was deep. And I started to like Daesung too. I mean his cute smile and his voice makes people feel happy. Okay, enough for the fan-girl stuff. I could write an essay about the awesomeness of the concert :p

Sorry for the "lack of pictures" in this update, I promise you tons of pictures on next post :)

September 14, 2012

I Just Got Robbed

This unfortunate event happened yesterday. I just made this post to tell that you have to be really really aware and  be really careful with your belongings.

So that day I was intended to meet my friend, my laptop won't shut down and he said that I should bring it to  my bf's home and he'll fix it there. I agreed. Suddenly, when I'm finished checking some files, I tried to turn it off again, and like a magic, it worked! Then I tell my friend not to come to my bf's home since the problem solved.

After that, my bf ask me if I'm okay to go to the doctor first before driving me home. I agreed since it wouldn't take much time. There, my bf put my laptop in the back seat, behind the driver's seat. I didn't bring anything when I went to the clinic. I even left my purse at the car (DON'T DO THIS! NEVER LEAVE YOUR PURSE AT CAR!) then when I'm waiting, i saw some men strolling around at the parking lot. near my bf's car. I don't take any attention there. I just saw it and that's all, i don't even feel suspicious. I just think those men are going to see the doctor too, but they AREN'T eventually.
After my bf finished, we went back to the car, we didn't see anything wrong until my bf felt something bothering him. Since it's like 7 pm, we can't see anything clear, we thought that there was a car sun-shade behind his head but as he reached it he was surprised because that is shards of window glass behind him. and yes, SOMEONE IS DESTROYING THE WINDOW! we got panicked. there's a car behind and we asked the driver if he saw someone there near the car but he say he didn't.

Awful :(

We din't think someone is taking something from the car. My purse is there, I didn't even remember my laptop at that time because I see my bf's phone is still there at the back seat covered with shattered glass. If that phone was not stolen, what else?
So we rushed back to my bf's home to talk to his dad. As we went home I remembered my LAPTOP! then I cried, since it haven't been used for a year!

By the way, if you're wondering, I'm using my mom's super old laptop (HP compaq nx9040) until i can find a new one. Maybe I need to use netbook instead my 14" notebook so it can fit on my bag. GAH! I miss my Sims, I miss all my magazine designs, I miss all my projects. This is so frustating, wondering where my laptop now, maybe someone already sell it on Kaskus or Tokobagus or maybe worse, at Glodok :(

August 31, 2012

That XX

"They say love is blind, oh baby you're so blind"
"The amount of tears you've cried, I want to make you happy by the same amount,baby"
"That bastard doesn't love you, how much longer are you going to cry yourself silly?"

Composition: 지드래곤 (G-Dragon), Teddy, 서원진
Lyrics: 지드래곤 (G-Dragon), Teddy

Arrangement: Teddy

This is what I called as instant love. the first time i saw this M/V i was really amazed. I love all the clothes that GD wears, I love the vintage effect on the video, I definitely love the set, I love the angle of the video taken, I love the music, I love the way GD sings. This M/V just done wonderfully. Unlike his début song which is "One of a Kind" that I need to hear 2-3 times to make it grow on me. This is something that I don't expect on his solo album. His début song was a hip-hop rap song and I thought that it is how he sets the tone of his album, but boy I'm wrong. Can't wait to see what are GD wearing on bigbangswag Anyway, enjoy! 
August 3, 2012

Fun, Updates, Random

hey all. I'm back to this old, dusty, blog. sorry for neglecting this blog since my last post. I am really super messed up with these so-called-college-stuff. my final exams, assignments, my upcoming internship semester, my thesis title and all that grown up stuff.
at this point of my college year, i feel kinda old. finally I am now in my 7Th semester, soon encountering  graduation. finally i will working, but i don't want to lose those fun-times at college either. tough choice. i don't want to waste any more years at my college either, so it's been a hard time to face this forced grow-up-phase.
any advice? because i feel lost. i don't know if i want to move forward or stuck at this point.

I'm back to Yogyakarta for few days to attend a gala dinner. here are the recaps, click to enlarge.

Gorgeous view huh? imagine this at evening.

So this drink that i ordered called iced apple tea. i thought it's just an apple flavoured tea but boy, i'm wrong. what i got is LITERALLY tea with an apple. a whole apple. i don't know what to say..

Do visit this Ramayana ballet performance at Prambanan temple. info here. 
'Shinta' is really beautiful.

I'm so sorry for not continuing my last post, but i will do on the next post. sorry :)

April 28, 2012

Ngayogyakarto, Taman Pintar Edition

Hello! now i would like to talk to you about Taman Pintar which located on Jalan Panembahan Senopati no 1-3, or you can simply visit their website here 

This Taman Pintar is a place where you can study about.. pretty much everything that you have learned from school but in a practical and fun way. it is similar to PP IPTEK on Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in Jakarta but this is wayyy better than PP IPTEK. i thought this is like a small building from outside but don't get it wrong, this building is super big! man.. i got exhausted walking inside this building, don't forget to bring mineral water. and if you talk about facilities, this building got everything you need. Park? yes. Restroom?yes. Cafeteria?yes.3D theater? yes.
oh, it cost you 15.000 rupiahs to have a fun trip.excluding the 3D theater ticket.

this is in an ancient area or something..

Primordial Man

Main Area
So the ticket man says that i should begin my trip on Memorabilia building which you can learn about Indonesia, politics and history of Indonesian Independence. and sorry i don't have any pictures there because i have seen that Indonesian Independence history the day before, when i was visiting Vredeburg Bastille so i just look around and move to other building. The most interesting thing about museums in Yogyakarta is.. equipped with technology! wow! Museums in Jakarta are mostly boring but in Yogyakarta, both in Taman Pintar and Vredeburg Bastille has touch screen television to tell about the story, so you can learning both with audio and visual. so much fun.

the building somehow designed to provide the direction you should take so you can enjoy your learning on the right path which is really helpful. there are sooo many areas in this building i can't even remember all of them.

I have no idea what area is this

Some advertisement? :P

This Taman Pintar has so many sponsors from various companies such as Pertamina, Microsoft, Sari Husada and much more. No wonder this building is wayyy more fun than PP IPTEK.

you can take a picture here :D

the most fun area in this place for me is the Microsoft area. why? because it has xbox kinect 360 and you can play it for free! yaaaayyy! this game is so much fun.

Xbox Kinect 360

i can't remember what the name of that game but the game is like you doing rafting. this console is really over the top, if its compared to other game console such as nitendo wii or play station, because you don't need any joystick to play, you just need your body to move. a really fun exercise console indeed.

so that's probably the highlights of Taman Pintar. there are soo many areas in this building and if i put all my pohtos here, this post would be a super long post. if you like these kind of learning, you should visit this place. see you on the next post! :)

March 16, 2012

Ngayogyakarto, Tamansari Edition

So i just got back from my 'vay-kay' at Yogyakarta. so much fun :)
i went to Yogyakarta Palace, Rumah Pintar, Vredeburg Bastille, and Tamansari. i will post about those places on different posts, so stay tuned!

now, i wanted to talk about Tamansari first. Tamansari is a place where Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono (The King of Yogyakarta Palace) bath with his concubines. it was abandoned for years but then it has been restored for tourism use. the architecture was amazing. the guide told me that it was designed by a Portuguese (or Netherlander? sorry i forgot)
That bath was divided into several places, like the king's bath, concubines bath, sauna, changing room and even a place where the king take a peek into the concubines bath.pervert.
so, without more blabbering..

Concubines bath
King's Bath



I always love seeing and walking on a road like this picture up there. narrow street between high walls, where you can feel the "palace atmosphere" like you're traveling back to the past.

and if you got a tour guide with you, you will be able to see other place in this area which is the water castle where there's a hidden mosque. the hidden mosque located underground and surrounded by water and has secret gates which used by Sultan to do a prayer without the Netherlanders knowing it. yes, it was built during the colonialism era.

One of the gate
Main area (Prayer area)
Stairs to 2nd floor

So it is basically a 2 floored underground mosque. I admit that this building shows that people back then are smart, i mean they can build this kind of building at that age. This mosque is really unique because the main area for the prayer is in a round shape, like a dome. so the 1st floor is for the women area and the 2nd floor (which i don't have any picture of it) is for the men. what i think is weird is both men and women has their own 'imam'. so both floors has their own 'imam' area.the most unique architecture in this place was the 5 stairs which represents the 5 pillars of Islam.

So that's it for the Tamansari review edition. stay tuned for other reviews ;)
March 2, 2012

On The Edge

There are a lot of things happened in my life recently, unfortunately it is bad things that happens. i really regret on those "bad things" that happens and i admit my fault. but ever since i tried to move on from that, i feel like it's holding me back again and again, and at this point i feel like i can't seem to reach what i strive for. i feel like i've been punished by God.

maybe i really should take a step back from this "thing" for a while and sees how my life have been doing, not that i don't want to move on but it is better to correct the wrongdoings before you move on right?
maybe i should be grateful for what i have right now, and don't be too greedy. take it one at a time and see how it goes

February 27, 2012

Bigbang Is Back!






So,nothing can beats this awesomeness of bigbang's comeback. yes, finally!
this comeback is really impressive, because since their MV's coming out on February 21st, it is already viewed 3.000.000 times and until today i'm writing this post, it's already viewed 8.670.787 times and indeed, this MV got gold medal for becoming trending on Youtube.
I've been anticipating for this comeback. I even cheated to Jay Park songs for a while because i can't seem to find a nice K-Pop song since the end of last year.
Just so you know, TOP dyed his hair Blue! or i'll say Turquoise? i don't know but whatever he does, he's hot <3

so here goes, bigbang's first MV "Blue", some other spoiler of other song on their mini album "Alive"

can't wait for bigbang on running man! yay!!


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