April 28, 2012

Ngayogyakarto, Taman Pintar Edition

Hello! now i would like to talk to you about Taman Pintar which located on Jalan Panembahan Senopati no 1-3, or you can simply visit their website here 

This Taman Pintar is a place where you can study about.. pretty much everything that you have learned from school but in a practical and fun way. it is similar to PP IPTEK on Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in Jakarta but this is wayyy better than PP IPTEK. i thought this is like a small building from outside but don't get it wrong, this building is super big! man.. i got exhausted walking inside this building, don't forget to bring mineral water. and if you talk about facilities, this building got everything you need. Park? yes. Restroom?yes. Cafeteria?yes.3D theater? yes.
oh, it cost you 15.000 rupiahs to have a fun trip.excluding the 3D theater ticket.

this is in an ancient area or something..

Primordial Man

Main Area
So the ticket man says that i should begin my trip on Memorabilia building which you can learn about Indonesia, politics and history of Indonesian Independence. and sorry i don't have any pictures there because i have seen that Indonesian Independence history the day before, when i was visiting Vredeburg Bastille so i just look around and move to other building. The most interesting thing about museums in Yogyakarta is.. equipped with technology! wow! Museums in Jakarta are mostly boring but in Yogyakarta, both in Taman Pintar and Vredeburg Bastille has touch screen television to tell about the story, so you can learning both with audio and visual. so much fun.

the building somehow designed to provide the direction you should take so you can enjoy your learning on the right path which is really helpful. there are sooo many areas in this building i can't even remember all of them.

I have no idea what area is this

Some advertisement? :P

This Taman Pintar has so many sponsors from various companies such as Pertamina, Microsoft, Sari Husada and much more. No wonder this building is wayyy more fun than PP IPTEK.

you can take a picture here :D

the most fun area in this place for me is the Microsoft area. why? because it has xbox kinect 360 and you can play it for free! yaaaayyy! this game is so much fun.

Xbox Kinect 360

i can't remember what the name of that game but the game is like you doing rafting. this console is really over the top, if its compared to other game console such as nitendo wii or play station, because you don't need any joystick to play, you just need your body to move. a really fun exercise console indeed.

so that's probably the highlights of Taman Pintar. there are soo many areas in this building and if i put all my pohtos here, this post would be a super long post. if you like these kind of learning, you should visit this place. see you on the next post! :)


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