December 30, 2012


Who doesn't love weekend?
I spent my weekend attending my best friend's wedding, going karaoke afterwards and dinner with family. It is great to be surrounded by our best friends, family and loved ones :) 
Still can't believe we're getting old, friends are getting married, and it's going to be 2013 soon! 

December 18, 2012


Woohoo finally back to this blog. It's been ages since my last post. There are so many ups and downs within these couple months for me. But as for the updates, i was having and internship and at the same time I'm preparing my thesis proposal. I never expected this would be really exhausting and time-consuming. In my experience, the first week on working and going to campus back and forth was not only blow up my transportation budget but also exhausting.
I'm working 8-5 then going to campus for class, going home and finishing my thesis proposal. When I get home on those first week doing that, I can't help myself to go straight to my bed. It was awful. I wonder how those people who work while also studying managed to survive?
But it's not like I didn't enjoyed them. I feel blessed to be given an opportunity to had an internship at one of multinational company in Jakarta. Not to mention, I can meet many CEO of multinational companies and political figures. I am really lucky and blessed.

Another blessing of this year is.... I saw BIGBANG ALIVE CONCERT in JAKARTA. Aaaaa finally i can see their live performance. And they are AMAZING!!!! GAAAAHHHH!!! Gotta watch their concert next year. TOP is definitely dreamy, his voice was deep. And I started to like Daesung too. I mean his cute smile and his voice makes people feel happy. Okay, enough for the fan-girl stuff. I could write an essay about the awesomeness of the concert :p

Sorry for the "lack of pictures" in this update, I promise you tons of pictures on next post :)


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