September 14, 2012

I Just Got Robbed

This unfortunate event happened yesterday. I just made this post to tell that you have to be really really aware and  be really careful with your belongings.

So that day I was intended to meet my friend, my laptop won't shut down and he said that I should bring it to  my bf's home and he'll fix it there. I agreed. Suddenly, when I'm finished checking some files, I tried to turn it off again, and like a magic, it worked! Then I tell my friend not to come to my bf's home since the problem solved.

After that, my bf ask me if I'm okay to go to the doctor first before driving me home. I agreed since it wouldn't take much time. There, my bf put my laptop in the back seat, behind the driver's seat. I didn't bring anything when I went to the clinic. I even left my purse at the car (DON'T DO THIS! NEVER LEAVE YOUR PURSE AT CAR!) then when I'm waiting, i saw some men strolling around at the parking lot. near my bf's car. I don't take any attention there. I just saw it and that's all, i don't even feel suspicious. I just think those men are going to see the doctor too, but they AREN'T eventually.
After my bf finished, we went back to the car, we didn't see anything wrong until my bf felt something bothering him. Since it's like 7 pm, we can't see anything clear, we thought that there was a car sun-shade behind his head but as he reached it he was surprised because that is shards of window glass behind him. and yes, SOMEONE IS DESTROYING THE WINDOW! we got panicked. there's a car behind and we asked the driver if he saw someone there near the car but he say he didn't.

Awful :(

We din't think someone is taking something from the car. My purse is there, I didn't even remember my laptop at that time because I see my bf's phone is still there at the back seat covered with shattered glass. If that phone was not stolen, what else?
So we rushed back to my bf's home to talk to his dad. As we went home I remembered my LAPTOP! then I cried, since it haven't been used for a year!

By the way, if you're wondering, I'm using my mom's super old laptop (HP compaq nx9040) until i can find a new one. Maybe I need to use netbook instead my 14" notebook so it can fit on my bag. GAH! I miss my Sims, I miss all my magazine designs, I miss all my projects. This is so frustating, wondering where my laptop now, maybe someone already sell it on Kaskus or Tokobagus or maybe worse, at Glodok :(


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