August 31, 2012

That XX

"They say love is blind, oh baby you're so blind"
"The amount of tears you've cried, I want to make you happy by the same amount,baby"
"That bastard doesn't love you, how much longer are you going to cry yourself silly?"

Composition: 지드래곤 (G-Dragon), Teddy, 서원진
Lyrics: 지드래곤 (G-Dragon), Teddy

Arrangement: Teddy

This is what I called as instant love. the first time i saw this M/V i was really amazed. I love all the clothes that GD wears, I love the vintage effect on the video, I definitely love the set, I love the angle of the video taken, I love the music, I love the way GD sings. This M/V just done wonderfully. Unlike his début song which is "One of a Kind" that I need to hear 2-3 times to make it grow on me. This is something that I don't expect on his solo album. His début song was a hip-hop rap song and I thought that it is how he sets the tone of his album, but boy I'm wrong. Can't wait to see what are GD wearing on bigbangswag Anyway, enjoy! 
August 3, 2012

Fun, Updates, Random

hey all. I'm back to this old, dusty, blog. sorry for neglecting this blog since my last post. I am really super messed up with these so-called-college-stuff. my final exams, assignments, my upcoming internship semester, my thesis title and all that grown up stuff.
at this point of my college year, i feel kinda old. finally I am now in my 7Th semester, soon encountering  graduation. finally i will working, but i don't want to lose those fun-times at college either. tough choice. i don't want to waste any more years at my college either, so it's been a hard time to face this forced grow-up-phase.
any advice? because i feel lost. i don't know if i want to move forward or stuck at this point.

I'm back to Yogyakarta for few days to attend a gala dinner. here are the recaps, click to enlarge.

Gorgeous view huh? imagine this at evening.

So this drink that i ordered called iced apple tea. i thought it's just an apple flavoured tea but boy, i'm wrong. what i got is LITERALLY tea with an apple. a whole apple. i don't know what to say..

Do visit this Ramayana ballet performance at Prambanan temple. info here. 
'Shinta' is really beautiful.

I'm so sorry for not continuing my last post, but i will do on the next post. sorry :)


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