March 16, 2012

Ngayogyakarto, Tamansari Edition

So i just got back from my 'vay-kay' at Yogyakarta. so much fun :)
i went to Yogyakarta Palace, Rumah Pintar, Vredeburg Bastille, and Tamansari. i will post about those places on different posts, so stay tuned!

now, i wanted to talk about Tamansari first. Tamansari is a place where Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono (The King of Yogyakarta Palace) bath with his concubines. it was abandoned for years but then it has been restored for tourism use. the architecture was amazing. the guide told me that it was designed by a Portuguese (or Netherlander? sorry i forgot)
That bath was divided into several places, like the king's bath, concubines bath, sauna, changing room and even a place where the king take a peek into the concubines bath.pervert.
so, without more blabbering..

Concubines bath
King's Bath



I always love seeing and walking on a road like this picture up there. narrow street between high walls, where you can feel the "palace atmosphere" like you're traveling back to the past.

and if you got a tour guide with you, you will be able to see other place in this area which is the water castle where there's a hidden mosque. the hidden mosque located underground and surrounded by water and has secret gates which used by Sultan to do a prayer without the Netherlanders knowing it. yes, it was built during the colonialism era.

One of the gate
Main area (Prayer area)
Stairs to 2nd floor

So it is basically a 2 floored underground mosque. I admit that this building shows that people back then are smart, i mean they can build this kind of building at that age. This mosque is really unique because the main area for the prayer is in a round shape, like a dome. so the 1st floor is for the women area and the 2nd floor (which i don't have any picture of it) is for the men. what i think is weird is both men and women has their own 'imam'. so both floors has their own 'imam' area.the most unique architecture in this place was the 5 stairs which represents the 5 pillars of Islam.

So that's it for the Tamansari review edition. stay tuned for other reviews ;)
March 2, 2012

On The Edge

There are a lot of things happened in my life recently, unfortunately it is bad things that happens. i really regret on those "bad things" that happens and i admit my fault. but ever since i tried to move on from that, i feel like it's holding me back again and again, and at this point i feel like i can't seem to reach what i strive for. i feel like i've been punished by God.

maybe i really should take a step back from this "thing" for a while and sees how my life have been doing, not that i don't want to move on but it is better to correct the wrongdoings before you move on right?
maybe i should be grateful for what i have right now, and don't be too greedy. take it one at a time and see how it goes


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