February 27, 2012

Bigbang Is Back!






So,nothing can beats this awesomeness of bigbang's comeback. yes, finally!
this comeback is really impressive, because since their MV's coming out on February 21st, it is already viewed 3.000.000 times and until today i'm writing this post, it's already viewed 8.670.787 times and indeed, this MV got gold medal for becoming trending on Youtube.
I've been anticipating for this comeback. I even cheated to Jay Park songs for a while because i can't seem to find a nice K-Pop song since the end of last year.
Just so you know, TOP dyed his hair Blue! or i'll say Turquoise? i don't know but whatever he does, he's hot <3

so here goes, bigbang's first MV "Blue", some other spoiler of other song on their mini album "Alive"

can't wait for bigbang on running man! yay!!


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