December 8, 2011

up on the concert

well hello there!
it's been a really long time since my last post (again). i can tell that this semester would be the busiest semester i've ever had. i thought 3rd semester was a nightmare because i have to prepare myself for 2 international exam, but thank god, i pass with exceptional score. this semester really took my weekends away. but anyway, here i am, writing this post, finally.

oh, a few weeks ago i ordered shoes from i wear up
and turns out i really love it. i managed to buy other model soon. if you like some casual heels or wedges, you should give a visit to that website :)

and another thing, i've told you before about YG Family Train right? i watched on youtube for the event review and videos. i think those action are totally wrong because i get really jealous on people who have a chance to watch YG Family Concert 2011. why? because EVERYONE says it was SUPER AWESOME! DAEBAK! 
and this is what i mean for super awesome;

1. BIGBANG (minus Taeyang) singing 2NE1's I am The Best
2. you can see T.O.P doing sexy dance
3. their voice are super awesome
what would you ask for more?

i just wish i could watch Bigshow 2012. wish me luck!

anyway, have you seen youtube's new icon? i somehow, got really annoyed for it. do you?


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