December 25, 2010

in the dark

playing with my digicam and found some sort of special effect in it. so here are some pictures of them. FYI, these pictures are taken in my super-bright bedroom. and i didn't turn off the light. it's the magic of my digicam :D

December 1, 2010

33rd jazz goes to campus

please don't expect i will give you loads of pictures at JGTC. no. FYI, i didn't take any picture. why? i don't know why i didn't do that, actually. i think either forgot or i'm finding that i really enjoy the show.
so, with 37.000 rupiahs for the entrance fee, i can see Endah n Rhesa, Jakarta Broadway Team and Mawar Merah, a female ensamble. those are not really who i want to see, i actually wanted to see Maliq & d'essentials, but turns out, i can't see their performance. why? because they perform at midnight, like literaly midnight (00.00 am) and no one can pick me up to go home at that time.

anyways, what catch my eyes are Mawar Merah performance. really a surprise for me because, one of the vocalist is Gea (if you remember my older post, Forgotten Idols you might know who is she) i loveeee her voice and that day, i can really see her in front of my eyes. i just felt really lucky to have a chance like that. Mawar Merah performance is a tribute to a band (very famous band in indonesia) called Slank. another surprise is when the last song performed, Slank vocalist surprisingly come to the stage, and everybody scream, including me. Slank is actually like a rock band but in this event, their songs are sang in jazzy style and it's good, really ;)

so, maybe i will come to this event next year at 34th JGTC and i hope i can see Maliq & d'essentials ;)

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