September 25, 2011

natural beauty

 east java is one of my favorite place to visit during holidays. i never get bored because there are tons to see and explore. whether the culinary experience or  natural landscapes, they never disappoint me in any way. oh well, it is just the weather really humid there that annoyed me. i think without air conditioner, i'll  probably be dead.
so here's my proof about great natural landscapes, i just visit klayar beach in pacitan, east java during my idul fitri holiday. as you all know, it is hard to find beaches with turquoise water around Indonesia exept in the east of Indonesia. but i just found a hidden treasure, yes! it is hidden because this klayar beach was in a far far away land. you need about 3 hours drive from pacitan to get there, and also the road will kill you if you can't drive well because you are about to find almost 45 degrees ramps along the way.
then, you'll it worth for only a beach to visit? yes! it is worth, because the beach was very beautiful. you won't need to go to bali anymore for a turquoise beach :)

i'll let these pictures talk..

Turquoise water. could you ask for more?

Long way to go
amazing view

great view + turquoise water = HAPPY FACE :D

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